Greenfield Mining Services offers a full complement of mining services, from conception, to construction and operation.  Greenfield has the experience required for your project.

 Greenfield has extensive knowledge of Canada’s climate and conditions.  From the Arctic to the Oil Sands, our experience in all locations gives us the know-how to succeed.  The Arctic is steeped in its Inuit heritage, and full of rich resources, but completing a project in a harsh climate is not for the inexperienced.  Similarly, the oil sands fast pace and delicate environmental issues present their own problems.  Our management understands the challenges and unique requirements to complete the project on schedule, and on budget, while respecting the land and the local inhabitants.

Our Mining Services include:

Prestrip/Overburden Removal  

Road Construction – Public or Access

Ship Loading/Offloading

Tailings Ponds

Pipeline Construction


Water Collection Ponds

Ore Crushing

Labour Mobility