In today’s world of mega projects, running over budget has become common place.  Inflationary pressures have highlighted the importance of having a senior, construction based management group on your team.  

Greenfield has a wide-ranging project history from Canada’s Arctic to Oil Sands.  These locations carry demands far exceeding regular construction projects. No matter your scope, schedule, or location, Greenfield management understands the challenges and unique requirements to complete the project on schedule, and on budget.

Our business model goes much further than simply managing your project.  We realize the importance to all stakeholders of delivering on budget and on schedule projects.  That’s why we have developed a model to maximize your return.  Through our unique construction and budget based solutions, we deploy our team of experts to find the best solution.  Often it is the people who are in the field who have the best solutions.  From total project management, to individual consultants – we supply the right people for your project.

Greenfield’s innovative staff of engineers, technicians, project managers, and superintendents have over three decades of experience in ensuring on budget; on schedule delivery of major construction projects.  From bridges and highways, to marine terminals, aggregate production, concrete spillways, earth dams, wind farms, and oil sand infrastructure projects – Greenfield has the experience necessary for your project.